Monday, February 21, 2011


Joni Erickson Tada writes in her book, "A Lifetime of Wisdom" - "If our enemy can keep us occupied with our past or with our future, we lose the grace, blessings and opportunities in the Now."

NOW - so important to be present now.  Even if it's painful.  Even if it's uncomfortable.

The way to live through the storm is knowing that it will past but enjoying the light show of the heavens and the music of the thunder while the rain pours down.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

After Ashley's stroke, I lived to hear of children who had suffered similiar problems yet they were doing "normal" things.  It gave me hope.  Sometimes it let me ignore what lay ahead of us.   It let me dream!

Today, Ashley competed in Special Olympics, downhill ski.

She won 3rd Place!

Her dad and His gorgeous girl!

Her biggest cheerleader and ally - Big Brother Chris

Our Champion!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Introduction: How did we get here?

The following is a post from my blog  It gives background to where our family has come from.

Another Anniversary

January 27, 1999. Before 3:00 am. Horrible screams as our 6 month old daughter's right mid-cerebral artery ruptured in a massive ischemic stroke. Her tiny brain began to swell, her skull expanding - ultimately saving her life.

It was fifteen hours later when the grand mal seizures began and we were sent to the emergency room. Fifteen hours filled with doctor's visits and medications for vomiting. And nearly midnight before we are put into a dark, cold pediatric intensive care unit room surrounded by beeping machines, creeking rocking chairs of tired moms and the muted bustling of nurses.

I will never forget the loneliness as I watched from the PICU room window as David walked across the street from the emergency room to our car and left for home - wanting to be there with Chris when he awoke and assure him things were going to be okay.

Ten years. Three surgeries. Countless seizures and numerous medications. Bad diagnosis after mis-diagnosis. Tears, celebrations. Fears. Pain. More medications. Blood work. Therapies - physical, occupational, speech.

And many smiles. Little girl laughs. Giggles as her brother helped her walk. Laughing when we realized she was caring her walker instead of pushing it. Rejoicing as she skiied for the first time. Cautious fear as she climbed her first moutain with her quad.

Garth Brooks sings a song that so wraps up the life of having a child with a disability: "I could have missed the pain, but I would have had to miss the dance."

Father - I hate the pain. I hate feeling responsible. I hate the tears in the middle of the night. Watching her struggle to crawl and walk and run. The sense of loss of what could have been - should have been. What was stolen from her.

But Father God, I have loved this dance! If you took her home tonight, I would celebrate the beautiful dance of her life - the smiles, her love of children and music and camping and people and her family.

Lord, help me celebrate the dance above mourning the loss.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Are Here!

Please visit soon for stories of hope as well as scriptures from God's word.

I look forward to meeting each of you soon and reading your stories!