Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Call To Volunteers

It doesn't take much to be a great volunteer. 

A little time.  A little effort.

And the rewards are amazing!

This past week, Ashley was admitted to the 9th floor of The Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado.  Amazing people!  Amazing Pain Team!  Amazing Anesthesiologist!

As we walked to Ashley's room each time, I was so taken by the amount of children - infants! - laying in big metal cribs all alone. 

Do not think iill of their parents!  Until you have had a a child in long-term care, you may not pass judgement.  And besides, your judgement does not help these children one bit.

What would help them?  Volunteers.

Volunteers who will sit and rock little babies while their moms and dads work to pay for their medical care. 
Volunteers who will spend the night with these babies so mom and dad can get a little rest.  Volunteers that let these families work, rest, visit with doctors, do laundry and know that their child is being loved.

Loved on.

Prayed over.

Sang to.

So no excuses!  If you life within 30 minutes of hospital - get out there!  Is 4 hours a week;  one night a month too much to give for the life of a child?  I've even found the links for you to get started!

Are you near Denver?

How about Oklahoma City?

Utah -

For those in New Mexicoo -

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Ready

I am always amazed at the peace God gives.

And I am equally thankful for that peace.

One of the hardest things to do is help your child on an operating table and after they fall asleep, leave the room.  The walk down that hallway is long and cold.  You feel like a horrible parent - abandoning your child.

How wonderful to know that God has not left them!  He has never walked away from them - nor from you.

Tomorrow morning I will make that walk again.  But not alone.

Never alone.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


6 months old - Mid-Cerebral Arterial Stroke

18 months - heel cord lengthening

4 years - heal cord lengthening, tendon transfer

10 years - tendon transfer;  screws inplanted to inhibit growth of right leg

11 years - screws removed

12 years 10 months - removal of bones in left wrist to shorten;  fusing wrist

You might say we are old hat at surgeries.

But the butterflies are still there.  The nerves are still raw. 

This time, so are hers.  This is the first time she has worried about surgeries.  This time she knows what to expect..  This time she understands the pain.  This time she knows the risks.

So together we have decided to fast as a sign of our trusting in God. 

And He will be faithful.  He has always been so.  He will be again.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Go ahead.

It won't change the circumstances.

It won't make cerebral palsy go away or cure cancer.  It won't grow back limbs or remove fluid from a tiny brain.

It won't eraser the words of a doctor or a careless friend or familly member.

It won't mend a stressed marriage or pay those mounting bills.

But it does release the tension.  It cleanses.  It refreshes.

"Blessed are the tears that fall
Clean the windows of the soul
And usher in a change of heart
And bring a joy that angels know."
         ~  Bryan Duncan

Give yourself permission.  To grieve.  To be human. 

To cry.

The fulll song:

Blessed Are the Tears
         Bryan Duncan

Think of all the times you've fallen victim
All the restless nights you've wrestled through
The closest of your friends abandoned, helpless
They're reaching but they're just not reaching you
You hold no valid thoughts of consolation
The future holds no interest, no concern
The world you love is closing in around you
Clearly now there's nowhere left to turn

Blessed are the tears that fall
Clean the windows of the soul
And usher in a change of heart
And bring a joy that angels know

The time has come to share your well-kept secrets
The hatred and guilt degrading you
I'm sure you blame yourself for all that's happened
This time there's just no way that it's true
You need to know you've got a friend in Jesus
You need to know he felt rejected too
Humiliating pain and unjust treatment
He's been there so he knows what you've been through

Blessed are the tears that fall
Clean the windows of the soul
And usher in a change of heart
And bring a joy that angels know

Blessed are the tears that fall
Wash the stains of life away
Forgiven and forgotten now
A new creation's here to stay

And God will send a merciful Peacemaker
Comforter of all of those who mourn
We'll become the pure in heart, the earthly meek
Enduring misdirected scorn

Blessed are the tears that fall
Clean the windows of the soul
And usher in a change of heart
And bring a joy that angels know