Wednesday, May 18, 2011


6 months old - Mid-Cerebral Arterial Stroke

18 months - heel cord lengthening

4 years - heal cord lengthening, tendon transfer

10 years - tendon transfer;  screws inplanted to inhibit growth of right leg

11 years - screws removed

12 years 10 months - removal of bones in left wrist to shorten;  fusing wrist

You might say we are old hat at surgeries.

But the butterflies are still there.  The nerves are still raw. 

This time, so are hers.  This is the first time she has worried about surgeries.  This time she knows what to expect..  This time she understands the pain.  This time she knows the risks.

So together we have decided to fast as a sign of our trusting in God. 

And He will be faithful.  He has always been so.  He will be again.


  1. A pastor friend of mine got this from God when she was believing for healing...I thought I would share with you..
    "God is on my side, The blood has been applied, Every need shall be supplied, nothing shall be denied, So I enter into rest, I have passed the test, I know that I am blessed, so I get God's best"....The applies to every area of our lives...and our childrens lives. I know you are a strong woman of faith...we believe for God's BEST doctors and a quick recovery...we will partner with you and the many other praying for Ashley. Love you!! Lets get together!

  2. You are all in our thoughts and prayers Kim. We love you, and we are believing with you for rest and the best outcome.