Monday, March 17, 2014

Does it End?

Day 24 out of 76 in the hospital this year.  One-third of 2014 has been spent in Denver.  Away from family.  Away from my son's last full year at home.  Away from my husband.  Friends.  My dog.

One cant help but ask when will this all end?

Does it end?

Not really.  This side of heaven, there will be always some issue surfacing.  Some crisis around the corner or problem to wade through.

Jesus himself warned us, "In this world you will have trouble,"  John 16:33.  

      This is a sinful, fallen world.  We have illness.  We have disease.  We have sin and the consequences of that sin.  We have free-will and the consequences of our choices.  We have trouble.

But Jesus  doesn't leave us in that trouble.  He continues in the same verse, "But take heart!  Don't get discouraged!  Chin up!  Rejoice!  I have overcome the world!" 

    Okay, I added the superlatives.  But sometimes we need to read things in different ways to get a clear picture.  

Jesus did not want us to be bogged down in the muck of the world, but he wanted us to know that trouble exists.  Problems exists.

And He is greater!

Romans 12:12 lays out exactly what to do when trouble comes.

     "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."

Jesus Christ himself is our hope - he has overcome this world!

Patience in tribulation - this will not last!

Constant in Prayer - worry about nothing but pray about everything!  

Does it end?  Yes.  Eventually.  And until this - God is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Frustrations

Three days - Ashley will have the baclofen pump removed.

    Frustsration.  All the troubles.  The pain.  The two months it worked.

20 Days in Hospital - to date.
    Frustration.  I am away from home so much.  Our friends and famlies lives keep moving forward.  David's job goes forward.  Chris marches towards graduation.  And we sit in a hospital.

Blog - leave well enough alone!

    Frustration - now google and blogger have combined in a conspiracy specifically aimed at making my life more complicated!  Grrrr.

Okay - perspective.  It's the little things that drive us crazy when stressed.  When life is out of our control, we just want to have one thing we can count on!  Today, mine was  I just wanted to get on and manage some posts.  It has driven me crazy.  To a headache!  I want to throw something.  Even now, I"m posting through a backdoor app!  

Not in my control.

Truth - nothing really is except maybe our hairstyle.  That's why women will change their hair when stressed - we WILL control something!

Peace somes in CHOOSING to let that control issue fall from our hands. 

To quote Disney: