Monday, March 10, 2014

March Frustrations

Three days - Ashley will have the baclofen pump removed.

    Frustsration.  All the troubles.  The pain.  The two months it worked.

20 Days in Hospital - to date.
    Frustration.  I am away from home so much.  Our friends and famlies lives keep moving forward.  David's job goes forward.  Chris marches towards graduation.  And we sit in a hospital.

Blog - leave well enough alone!

    Frustration - now google and blogger have combined in a conspiracy specifically aimed at making my life more complicated!  Grrrr.

Okay - perspective.  It's the little things that drive us crazy when stressed.  When life is out of our control, we just want to have one thing we can count on!  Today, mine was  I just wanted to get on and manage some posts.  It has driven me crazy.  To a headache!  I want to throw something.  Even now, I"m posting through a backdoor app!  

Not in my control.

Truth - nothing really is except maybe our hairstyle.  That's why women will change their hair when stressed - we WILL control something!

Peace somes in CHOOSING to let that control issue fall from our hands. 

To quote Disney:


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