Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking Care of Yourself

The past 6 weeks have been a lesson learned - again. 

Take care of yourself!

Through no fault of my own, I contracted a wicked little respiratory bug.  It settled into my lungs just as the tree pollen season in the Four Corners was kicking into full gear.  Needless to say, it's not been pretty.

Two emergency room trips, two specialists, 4 doctors, three inhalers, one antibiotic, two anithistamines, one anti-something, and huge quantities of prednisone...and the cure?  Hmmm, benadryl seems to help the most.

It's not been fun.  I've slept alot.  Prayed alot.  Quoted scriptured.  Lifted myself by sheer will to drive the kids around.  I've slept many nights on the couch so I could breathe.

We all get run-down.  We forget to take care of ourselves.  Sometimes, like this time, things just happen.  A person rambles into our life carrying an unexpected and unwanted gift.  Other times, we get so caught up in what must be done, needs to be done, should be done that we let ourself get over-tired. 

When we are tired, our life gets out of balance.  Out of perspective.  We can't think as clearly.  We can't cope.  And our body can't fight off disease.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

That includes rest! 

Schedule it into your day if you must.  But take care of yourself!


  1. ..and let others help you. Do you? I'm here for you.