Friday, August 24, 2012

Sitting in Hope

On August 20 I finished a 30 day printed media fast - no newspapers, magazines or books.  Hard for someone who looks forward to the daily paper, reads Newsweek and Time magazines from cover-to-cover; devours Christianity Today each month and loves to read most every genre of literature ever imagined.

The hardest day to abide by this fast was Ashley's surgery day - August 8.  I usually grab magazines or occupy myself with a book during the endless wait.  

Two hours.  That was the scheduled time for this operation.  I could do it.

Two hours became four and a half.  
My Four Hour Waiting Room View

But by not burying myself in a book, I was able to share Jesus through Ashley's story two times.  

By not numbing my pain with distraction, I was forced to face it, go through it and learn again of God's faithfulness.

When walking the hallways both day and night, I was able to pray for those around me.  To be present.  See pain.  Give Hope.

The view did not change for 3 days, but my viewpoint has bettered in the past 30!

When escaping into a world of books, movies, drugs, alcohol - whatever your favorite distraction - we rob ourselves of feeling emotions - the good and the bad - and receiving the Hope God wishes to bring us.

Ashley goes for surgery again on August 30 - this time in Durango, CO.  For her hand.  Her second hand surgery.  I'm not looking forward to her pain or the wait.  But I am looking forward to seeing where God uses us this time!

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