Monday, October 29, 2012

God's Economics

I am constantly amazed by God’s provision.

 Not just in the economics of Finance – but in His economics.

We have seen God provided for the monetary needs time and again.  Bills paid on time when there seemed to be no money in the bank.  Food on the table.  Heat in the house.  That little extra we find in the budget that buys a pizza for a special meal.   God’s provisions are never late.  They may not always look or taste like we want – but they are there nonetheless.

 But God is more concerned at our Spiritual Status than our physical comforts.

 The Economics of the Spiritual

I was reminded last night about the importance of hiding God’s word in our hearts so that it’s there when we need it.   As a teenager, my dad would give me a quarter before leaving on a date.  It was to use the pay phone to call him.  Any time.  Anywhere.  No questions asked.  He’d come get me.  It was there as an insurance against the unthinkable.

 Memorizing Scriptures is much the same.

Psalms 119:11, “I have stored up (hidden, memorized, meditated on) your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”

When I memorize, meditate, commit to my heart the Word of God, I am banking against hard times!  Like that quarter in my pocket, I have God inside of my heart for those “just in case” against the unthinkable.

Sundays are long days for us.  Yesterday began a 7:30 with a Prayer and Worship for Children’s Ministry Leaders.  I’m not a morning person.  Far from it.  I’d love to watch the sunrise – if it happened about 9:00 am every day.   Then we worked as a Greeter / Hallway Monitor and Security during 1st service – 8:30 – 10:30.  The family that takes over for us had a sick child.  So, we greeted, monitored and secured during 2nd service while popping in to worship, hear the sermon and loving on kids.  I picked the wrong day to wear heels!  Then it was home for a quick bite;  fold laundry;  put away yard stuff before the snows then back to church at 5:00pm to fix dinner for ReFrame (our young adult ministires – which we love!!!), worship service, bible study and then dinner and game night.


Before the ReFrame service, I received one of those calls that folks with difficult family situations expect and dread.  Just another piece of the pie.  Another nail in the wall.  Nothing new.  But hurts all the same.

But in the God’s Economics of the Spiritual – I was ready.  In Worship that morning, I heard God repeating, “Heal” to me.  Not just physical but the spiritual and emotional.  I don’t remember the song, but one line kept repeating in my head, “I have found a Love.”   In Church, I was reminded of the Year of Jubilee – God has come to set us free!  In the afternoon, there was peace in sitting with my husband.  Just being in his arms.  Being loved.    At ReFrame, I was reminded, that I have a God’s word in Me!  It’s alive and living and it binds up the broken hearted!  In Worship, I wept as God poured His healing in my wounded heart.  I served those young people with gladness. 

Their hugs were payment back into my Economics of Love account!

 I am reminded of Matthew 6:8, “for your Father knows what you need before you even ask Him!”

He knew what I would need yesterday.

And He has today covered.

And my Tomorrow is banked as well.

Invest in His Spiritual Economics Today!  Every Day! 

The rewards are great!

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