Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sometimes powerful statements come from the most unlikely of places.

Ashley has been having some tests done the past few weeks.  Routine stuff.  Triennial review things - which we are a year behind in doing.  Neuro-Psychological profiles, educational norms.  Real fun stuff.  And we top celebrate it all with an EEG!

That means sleep deprivation for her.  And Me.  And Chris.  and David.

This time we headed to a late movie.  We saw The Hunger Games.  A tale of post-apocolyptic America where the nation is divided into districts which send two children from each area to an annual competition to fight to the death as a means for reminding them that rebellion is futile.  The children are offered as a sacrifice to the nation for the peace.  (okay, that'll preach.  To what do we offer our children as sacrifice?  Popularity? Media?  Fame?  Money?  Ahh, another day.)  

I've read the books.  Time for the movie.

Sidenote:  This is NOT a Children's movie.  It is PG-13 for a reason!!!  There is violence.  Children are killing each other!!!  Please use wisdom in taking your children.

At one point, the villainous President states, "The only thing more powerful than fear is  Hope."

Wow.   I grabbed my phone to type that down.

The only thing more powerful than fear is Hope.

That Hope is what keeps us going.  Allows us to take our kids for testing knowing that the results may not be what we want to hear but we HOPE it's better than we think.   We HOPE that the meds will work.  We HOPE that surgery will fix this problem - this time.  We HOPE.  We BELIEVE>


An Anchor for the Soul.

Place your HOPE in God today.

Meds will fail.  Tests will be inaccurate.  Only Christ will be sure and steady each time.

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