Friday, March 2, 2012

Keeping Hope Alive

Hope - the greatest gift ever given to us.

We have HOPE in our Salvation through the work Jesus.

We have HOPE in healing through the blood of Jesus. 

We have HOPE for a better tomorrow - the sunrise will start a new day.

But how the heck to you keep HOPE alive?  Somedays, the reality of the today, tomorrow and the next;  the list of decisions we must make;  the prognosis of doctors;  the diagnosis of specialists;  the reality of where we live in this fast continuum of space and time - all defeat that little spark of HOPE!

I don't have an answer today.  I'm not discouraged.  I'm just wandering.

I do hurt today.  Hurt for my child who heard me say the same lesson 5 different ways over 2 days and still didn't get it.  Hurt for her frustration.  Making tough decisions - must she know a predicate nominative?  What in her future will require that knowledge?  If she writes correctly and descriptively, what does it matter if she can name every part of speech in one of de Tocqueville's 500 word, grammatically correct sentences?

Probably doesn't.  Not at all.

Lord, give me the words to keep HOPE alive in my child's heart.  When she sees only the wall, let me show her the staircase.  When she sees only the failure, let me show her success.  When she hurts, let me show her healing.

Thanks God.

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