Saturday, November 9, 2013

Surgery #12

WHAT A CRAZY SEASON!  I want every post to bring HOPE to someone.  Somewhere.  I hope this rundown of the past 2.5 months tells you this:  Yes, You CAN Do It!

Chris's Senior Soccer Season was so fun!

What fun senior pics by the amazing Carol!!

By November, he was accepted to Trinity International University to play soccer.  He and I traveled up there for a great week of visits.  Yes, I can drive in Chicago!

Ashley chose in August to have the Baclofen Pump implanted.

Surgery was Scheduled for November.

HOPE Deliveries was started.

People from 4 states donated items and money for gifts to give to caregivers and patients on the 6th floor Rehab and Neuro wing at Children's Hospital of Colorado.

I was invited to speak next April at the Mission Women Conference!  Ashley took head shots of me for the conference web site.  So fun!

We drove up a suburban full of fun things!!  The day before her surgery - We delivered.  We loved.  We held.  We laughed.  Amazing day of giving!

Then surgery day.  1pm became 4pm.  4pm became 7pm.  Surgery started at 8:30.  It was over at 11:30.  It was 1:30am before we were settled in the room.

Her hand reacted immediately to the baclofen.

We've decorated her room.  Watched movies.  Entertained her as she lay flat for 36hours!!

Therapy pets - her favorite visitors!

The letdown has hit today.

Like I have been holding my breathe since August 25th.

Tears will come suddenly.  Relief.  Fatigue maybe.  But all in Peace.

Thank you for all who have held us in prayer during this season.

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