Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sitting In Hope

December 21!!


How did we get here?

Yes, I know the obvious - one minute at a time.  One breath.  One step.

But seriously?  I feel like it was November 15 just yesterday.

Maybe this loss of time is a good thing.  

Not that I've glossed over life but that I'm not bogged down with the minutia of all that has happened in the past 18 months.

But I am sitting here with my computer on my lap watching the snow fall and just knowing that there's peace.

I haven't really just SAT for months.  Well, I've been at soccer games - and took pictures.  I've been in hospital rooms - and planned the Holidays.    At my desk I've planned lessons, graded papers and answered mail.

This has not been a Martha-type busyness.  In fact, Martha gets a bad rap sometimes.  Her fault was in not taking time THAT DAY to sit.  But think - without Martha's in this world, no one eats, clothes are dirty and there is general Chaos.  Martha was made to be busy - but she forgot to take those days to SIT.

For 18 months I've had very few SIT days.  Not because of my own making - it's just been life.  But there have been those times when God has told me to SIT.


Not even ready by Bible.

Not pray.

Not praise.


Clear my mind.  Just BE in HIS presence.

That is what has held me the past year and a half.  Through curve balls, living out of suitcases, facing fears, grieving loss and planning tomorrows, HIS presence has been my strength.

SIT today.  Be STILL.

SIT in HOPE that HE is GOD.

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