Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Waiting. . . Christmas Eve 2013


Christmas Eve is the perfect example of Waiting...

The pregnant Mary waiting to deliver.

The nervous Joseph waiting to see what it will be like to raise the Son of God.

The Shepherds waiting in the fields not expecting to see Angels.

The Wise Men waiting for a sign and then  beginning a journey without knowing what they will find.

Even today. . .

Children waiting to open presents.

Mothers waiting for the cookies to be done.

Dads waiting to put together surprise toys.

Relatives waiting for phone calls and long expected guests.

The world itself waits -

     long ago it waited for the Birth of the Christ.

     today it waits for His return.

Waiting. . .

                   . . . in HOPE.

The God of the Old Testament who fulfilled his promises so long ago, still keeps His Promises today. We can trust Him.

Wait in his HOPE today - the miracle of Christmas still lives!

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